Noel Memorial United Methodist Church

Scholarship Policy Statement

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  1.  Funds for Scholarships are spendable only for their designated purpose by vote of the Scholarship Committee.

  2. Only full time students who are members of Noel Memorial United Methodist Church are eligible for the Noel Memorial UMC Scholarship.  This scholarship is for an officially accredited two or four year college or university (not limited to Louisiana) other than Centenary College.  Applications may be obtained from the church office at Noel UMC.

  3. Full time students desiring to attend Centenary College may apply for the L.L. Noel, Marks/Harrington, or Robertson Scholarship, each restricted to Centenary students.  *At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, The Robertson Scholarship funds can also be utilized for students who are members of Noel Memorial United Methodist Church and are attending a college other than Centenary.  Those applying for scholarship through L.L. Noel and Marks/Harrington funds need not be a member of NOEL UMC.  Applications may be obtained from the church office at Noel UMC.

  4. Undergraduate students will be given preference for the first four years and then the fifth year, as funds are available.  Fifth year applicants are required to provide a written explanation for the need of a fifth year of study.

  5. Applicants seeking funds from this program must apply yearly by June 1 for the fall term and subsequent terms of the upcoming scholastic year.  (Only one application may be submitted per year).  Validation of grades must accompany each application.  In addition, validation of full time enrollment must accompany each application.

  6. Only one student per family will be considered for a Centenary scholarship and one for a non-Centenary scholarship in any school year.  (Example:  Two students from one family may each receive a scholarship award if one is attending Centenary and the other is attending another college or university).

  7. Funds available for distribution will be apportioned by the Scholarship Committee among those applicants found to be academically eligible and/or in the greatest need at the discretion of the committee.  Our goal is that scholarships will be in the amount of $1,000.00 per academic year.  The Scholarship Committee will review availability of funds annually in order to determine the value of scholarships awarded.  Scholarships will be paid in two equal installments per year at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters; in the case of a school on the quarter system, payments will be made in three equal installments at the beginning of each term.

  8. Applicants receiving funds will provide the Scholarship Committee with evidence of full time enrollment at the beginning of each semester and a copy of grades at the end of each term completed.

  9. To be eligible for a scholarship, a high school graduate must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the academic areas of mathematics, science, history, English, social studies and foreign languages.  College students must maintain an overall minimum grade point average of 2.0 as well as a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the previous semester.  Students must be considered a full-time student.  Semester grade reports and validation of full-time enrollment should be reported to the office of the Business Administrator at Noel UMC prior to the beginning of each semester period in order to receive that semester’s scholarship disbursement.

  10.  In regards to full-time status, any student who falls below the requirements of being a full-time student during a given semester will not be eligible for scholarship funds for the following semester he/she is enrolled. 

    1.  If a student is on the quarter system and loses scholarship status for the second quarter due to full-time status requirements, he/she may receive scholarship funds for the third quarter if all requirements (full-time status and grades) are met for the second quarter.

    2. If the student maintains full-time status and meets the grade requirements during the second semester, or the third quarter of a given year a scholarship was awarded (following loss of funds due to failure to       maintain necessary requirement status), he/she may then apply for scholarship funding in June for the coming academic school year.

    3.  If a student fails to complete full-time status and GPA requirements during the second semester or third quarter of a given school year, he/she may apply for scholarship funds for the coming year pending successful completion of the first semester/quarter of the subsequent school year; if these requirements are met, then he/she would be eligible for consideration to receive scholarship award money for the second semester, or the second and third quarter.  

11. The Scholarships Committee will consider special cases as they arise.  The committee may request an explanation in the event of special consideration regarding loss of full-time status during a semester or quarter.  This is in acknowledgement of special circumstances that may arise contributing to this development.


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