Experience God's Word through Noel by attending one of our worship services. All three services offer spiritual food for your soul.



This weekly communion service offers the best of both worlds, with its time-honored Wesleyan liturgy on the 1st Sunday of each month, and a fresh blend of everything that makes us Noel on the remaining Sundays.  Abbreviated to 45 minutes, this service allows for a smooth transition into Sunday School at 9:15.

Held in Lane Chapel

*Beginning June 3, the Wesleyan Service will be merged with the Traditional Service. The beloved Wesleyan communion liturgy will be used quarterly in the Traditional Service, beginning on World Communion Sunday, October 7.  

10:30 Traditional Worship Service

This service mirrors the heart of Noel and the traditions of the Methodist Church with its historic hymns, responsive readings, powerful biblical messages, and special music performed by Noel's Chancel Choir under the direction of Choir Director, Bryan Bierbaum. 

Held in the Sanctuary

Beginning June 3, the Traditional Worship time will change to 9am.

10:30 Contemporary Worship Service

This service offers a vibrant and thriving worship experience in a contemporary setting with a biblical-based message and fabulous music from our worship band under the direction of Jonathan Andrews.

Held in the Worship Center

Beginning June 3, the Contemporary Worship time will change to 11am.

Sunday School for all ages takes place in various areas of the church from 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Beginning June 3, all Sunday School classes will change to 10am.

Childcare is provided during Sunday School, worship, and certain special events at no charge.