What is Safe Sanctuary?

Noel United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuary church. We, the congregation of Noel, recognize that there is no human being that falls outside the psalmist's claim that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" by God; "knit together in [our] mother's womb" by the Creator of the universe. Further, we cannot deny that humankind has been deemed "very good" by this very same Creator. This inherent value which we possess, coupled with the Scriptures' admonition to avoid "anything that makes your brother or sister stumble," particularly the "little ones," calls us to also recognize the grievous harm present in all instances of abuse. Such incidents, whether sexual, physical, emotional or harassing in nature, are devastating to all who are involved. God calls us to make Noel a safe place, doing all we can to protect children, teens and other vulnerable persons from the devastating effects of abuse. Thus, in covenant with one another, we have adopted a Safe Sanctuary policy for the prevention of abuse in our church.

If you have questions about Safe Sanctuaries, please contact Jeanie Middleton or any staff member or clergy.