The middle hour

Inviting all Youth-Adults, to spend this Summer in THE MIDDLE HOUR,  a new twist on traditional Sunday School.  How does it work?  However you want!  There will be three offerings for the ten-week period. Each class will be designed in such a way that the lessons can stand alone from week to week. You will be able to stay in one group the entire time or move from class to class as you choose each week.  The Treehouse will be participating in their own version of this summer fun & fellowship. 

The Middle Hour runs Sundays through August 4.  Meet in the classes listed below at 10am. Try it out! No Registration, just join us.

#1 Everything You Wanted to Know About Methodism – And Then Some! 

meeting on the Youth Floor

Whether you are new to the United Methodist Church or have been a lifelong Methodist, this study will review our history, our doctrine and our polity. You will learn what makes us like other Christian denominations and what makes us unique. We will look at our Social Principals and what they say about cultural, political and social issues of today’s society.  You may be surprised by some things and challenged by others as we learn the tenets of our Methodist heritage. Led by Noel Pastors.

#2  Bible Study-The Beauty of His Word 

meeting in the Parlor

Beginning with an exploration of the King James Version of the Bible—how it came to be and how its translators witnessed to its life-truths in such incredibly lovely language and unforgettable beauty.  Join us for this theological discussion and literary exploration, truth illuminated by beauty, beauty made vital by truth as Rev. Dr. Donald Webb begins this series. Rev. Dave Fortuna and Rev. Hulen Warren will close out the series as we delve further into the scriptures. 

#3  Practical Theology: Small Things with Great Love 

meeting in the Upper Room

A Middle Hour study inspired by Sarah Arthur and Erin Wasinger's book Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us. Join us to chat about living out our faith in our daily lives, discussing topics like "hospitality, sharing of resources, contemplative practice, and covenantal friendships.  Led by Britney Lee, Callie Dean, Elizabeth Miller, and Jessica Hemingway.