Noel offers a variety of Sunday School classes from 10-11am each weekend.


New Sunday School Class for Young Adults! 

Began in August.  Join us In Noel's Library, Sunday mornings at 10am.

Join us as we get to know each other and grow in faith together. 

Both singles and couples welcome!


The Ark

Where: 2nd Floor, Noel's Ark

Dynamic, vibrant group of 20- to 40-year-old men and women seeking Christ together in a discussion-type format.


where: the children's center

Click here to learn more about Sunday School in Noel's Treehouse Children's Ministry.


where: 3rd floor, above sanctuary, balcony area

Open to couples and singles of all backgrounds, viewpoints, etc. Committed to remain non-judgmental and open in all of our conversations.


sundays at 10am; new class begins september 9; youth floor in the NCAP space

6th-8th graders are invited to begin the journey of Confirmation.  Confirmation allows students to declare their faith in Christ and are strengthened by the Holy Spirit for continuing discipleship.  We pray that your student can join us for this very important discipleship journey!

Couple's Class

Where: 2nd Floor, Outside Noel's Annie T. Munday Library

A loving, caring family of mostly mature adults. Use a combination of Bible study and guest speakers with much discussion.


where: 1st floor

Adults with special needs. Regular teacher with occasional guest teachers.  Emphasis on Bible stories and Christian lessons applied to everyday life.  Wide variety of interests and abilities. Occasional study-related art projects.



Couples and singles in the 40 to 60 age range. Varied studies, lots of Bible study with some guest speakers. Lot of fun, a well-rounded group.


where:  2nd floor, outside noel's annie t. munday library

Everyone's welcome in this older adult group of men and women. Lecture class with different teachers in a caring, friendly setting.


Where: 1st Floor, Activities Building

Mostly women's class, 50's and 60's. Discussion-type studies with emphasis on spiritual growth topics. Class members teach.

Upper Room

Where: 1st Floor, Below Sanctuary

Age group generally ranging from 50's to 80's. Guest speakers and members teach Bible study, current topics, and social concerns.  A very close-knit group of Christians––very caring and attentive to members' needs.  A fun-loving class.


Where: 2nd Floor, Parlor

Provides "open discussion" concerning how God's plan fits into our daily lives and how our daily lives fit into God's plan. Members vary in ages and life experiences. Goal is to provide a relaxed and meaningful experience. All are welcome. 


where: on the youth floor

Our youth Sunday School is a wonderful atmosphere for youth to learn more about how our lives are part of the grander narrative of God’s story. Exploring the bible as God’s story allows our youth to see the unique value of their own life story and the lives of others.

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For more information, contact Mimi McDowell (Minister of Congregational Care) or call the church office 318.221.5207.