Noel Memorial United Methodist Church Stewardship Survey

Your financial support of the ministries of Noel Memorial United Methodist Church is helping to change lives and introduce people to the love of Jesus Christ.  Please help us to make our ministry of financial stewardship more effective by taking a moment to complete this survey.  Forms also available in the church office. Thank you.

Which worship service do you primarily attend?
What age are you?
How often do you attend worship at Noel UMC?
Do you support Noel with your financial gifts?
What percent of your gross (pre-tax) income do you give to Noel?
Are you working toward giving at least 10% of your gross (pre-tax) income to Noel UMC?
If you do not give to Noel UMC, or are not working toward a tithe (10% of pre-tax income), please check all that apply:
If you do give to Noel UMC, how likely are you to continue giving to Noel?
If you are likely to donate again, how much will you donate?
How often should the church communicate with you about financial stewardship?
How would you prefer to hear from the church about stewardship
How did you learn about the importance of giving to the church (check all that apply)?
How are your children or grandchildren learning about giving to the church (check all that apply)?
What method of giving do you normally use?
How much of an impact do you feel your financial gifts to Noel make?