Guest artist Scott Erickson shared stories and valuable lessons that he learned in his many years of working as an artist-in-residence in the church. Art is an essential part of our life together as a community––perhaps growing in importance all the time. Listen to Scott's talk in the media player above and learn more at his website:

christmas morning

the redemption of scrooge (an advent series)


nov. 27th / hanging of the greens: contemporary


thankful series : contemporary


All Saints' sunday (Traditional)

Stewardship (Square).jpg

holes in the darkness 

Christ is a Light in the Darkness. During this series, we will explore how we can let that light shine through us and through the church for the transformation of the world.

faith & politics series: traditional

Nov. 13th Faith & Politics: Allegiance...Audio not available...join us next Sunday for part 2 of this message series.


all saints' sunday (contemporary)

inside out

Our differences don't have to divide us. We can seek to understand "the other," learning to engage in healthier conflict and dialogue with those who are different than we are.