We have great news! Artist Scott Erickson (of Portland, OR) is visiting Shreveport on March 5th. He will be creating 2 beautiful experiences in Noel's Worship Center, and has co-created a Lenten prayer book that you won't want to miss out on...

1. We Are Not Troubled Guests (a play of sorts)

6:30pm in the worship center

Scott will be performing his one-man, multimedia play in the Worship Center at Noel at 6:30pm. This will be an amazing night of storytelling, painting, film & music. Anyone who has experienced burn out, doubt, depression, or a search to find where you belong might especially appreciate this experience. 

Admission is free, finger foods & beverages will be provided, and run time of the show is 70 minutes.

Childcare will be available.


2. Why the Church Needs Art (Sermon)

10:30AM in the worship center

Scott will preach in the contemporary service held in Noel's Worship Center. He will share stories and valuable lessons that he learned in his many years of working as an artist-in-residence in the church. Art is an essential part of our life together as a community––perhaps growing in importance all the time. Scott includes captivating visuals, video, and other media to convey his message. We hope you'll come Sunday morning March 5th at 10:30am to experience this! 


3. Prayer: Forty Days of Practice (Book)

 Scott will have a stock of these books and a number of his art prints available for purchase on March 5th!

Scott will have a stock of these books and a number of his art prints available for purchase on March 5th!

 Justin McRoberts has written 40 guided prayers. Scott Erickson has paired each prayer with beautiful, contemplative imagery. Each of the book's seven sections is capped by reflections on the practice of prayer and each of those reflections points toward specific, suggested practices

What the creators say about their book:

"We believe we pray because we are human, not because we are religious. Religious tradition can and often does provide language, shape and space for prayer, but the primal instinct to pray does not emanate from or begin with religion. Instead, something in our nature points beyond itself; something in us searches for and appeals to The Divine. We wrote this book to help you find language, shape and space for the basic, human, spiritual and beautiful need to pray."

Contact Sarah Duet Reedstrom (Worship Arts & Young Adults) with any questions you may have about these events. Email or call the church office at 318.221.5207.