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Follow up here after worship each week for some tangible take aways as we get practical ...


interested in forming a community group?


Works of piety

  1. Engage in Prayer

    • Begin or end the day in prayer. Try this alone or with your spouse. If you want to establish a routine, set an alarm to remind yourself to pray. 

    • Form a community prayer group in the mornings, midday at work, in the evening, etc.

    • RESOURCE: Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals is a great resource for these practices. Available online and as a book, pocket edition book, and even an app!

    • RESOURCE: The Prayer of Examen is a great way to reflect on the day through prayer and meditation. Download a prayer card of the Examen here.

  2. Search Scriptures
    • Since this sermon series looks at the book of James, commit to read James during this series (and it’s only 5 chapters).
  3. Communion
    • Consider communion as also an opportunity to share a meal with a friend. Breaking bread together is an important part of discipleship. Can you think of ways to "communion meals" more regularly in your friendships, in addition to at the church?
  4. Fasting
    • Try fasting from electronics on Sundays for 4 hours throughout this series.
  5. Be in Christian Community
  6. Engage in healthy living
    • Get up early to walk or exercise.
    • Commit to training with a friend for a 5K, 10K, or half marathon.
    • Eat more real food, rather than processed food products.
    • RESOURCE: Watch documentaries like Hungry for Change to learn more about food and nutrition.
    • RESOURCE: Consider following a hollistic health program like The Daniel Plan on your own or with your family/friends.

works of mercy

  1. Visit sick and those in prison
    • At Noel we have a care team, which visits or writes notes to those in the hospital and older homebound members. Email mmcdowell@noelumc.org for more information.

    • Connect with Kairos Prison Ministry: an ecumenical 3-day weekend for incarcerated adults. There are currently teams serving our incarcerated brothers & sisters at: Angola, LCIW (Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women), Winn Correctional, Wade Correctional, U.S. Penitentiary in Pollock & at theWashington Parish Institute. Contact Duane Denham at DDenham1@cox.net.

    • RESOURCE: Learn about the prison system in our state. Consider learning a bit of their stories and writing letters to death row inmates

  2. Feed and clothe others
    • Spend some time in our food pantry, or shop for some items on the August list.
  3. Give money to the poor and to the church
    • Consider preparing small boxes or bags of food, water, maybe a small gift card, and/or hygiene supplies that you can keep in your car and have ready to offer people in need when you cross their path.
  4. Peacemaking (Ending oppression and discrimination)
    • John Wesley challenged others to oppose slavery.
    • RESOURCE: Discover what your Slavery Footprint is and how you might help to reduce modern-day slavery by changing purchasing habits.
    • Sign up for NCAP's upcoming Art + Social Justice series of classes, or specifically Peacemaking + Songwriting on Wednesday October 12th.


"Words of wisdom" aug. 28th


Click the image to the left to download & copy+paste the text below into its caption on a social media post to help encourage more compassionate conversation online:

Our differences don't have to divide us. Unity doesn't have to look like uniformity. Here's to remembering there are people on the other side of these screens that we post to...to being wise & caring with our words...to trusting that kindness can do more than argument or accusation ever will.


"THE LITTle things" Sept. 4th

Take a picture of something normal and seemingly mundane this week, taking a moment to remember that even (or especially) these everyday mundane things are indeed holy in and of themselves. If you'd like to, share online with the hashtag:


"Everything that is is holy."
-Thomas Merton