Holes in the Darkness

Christ is a Light in the Darkness. During this series, we will explore how we can let that light shine through us and through the church for the transformation of the world.

week 5: contemporary

week 5: traditional

week 4: contemporary

Sermon Audio


How can you offer your presence as fully as possible in friendship to those in need of it this week? 


A guided centering prayer originally shared at theliturgists.com to help us train our minds to be more present to the moment & attuned to the Love of God:

A written meditation to help us deepen our awareness of God's presence in our midst:

Circles of Trust (Parker Palmer):

  • No fixing.
  • No saving.
  • No advising.
  • No correcting.

Instead: deep listening, open & honest questions, empathy, etc.


week 3: contemporary

Take Away Challenge:

Find 1 new way to be generous with your time or finances this week

  Download and share this quote if you'd like to!

Download and share this quote if you'd like to!

week 2: contemporary

We invite you to join Noel in prayer each day this week at 12:10pm.

  • Sunday For those in our daily lives- our family, friends and neighbors
  • Monday For those who are poor, oppressed, suffering
  • Tuesday For our congregation of Noel as we follow the Mission of Jesus Christ
  • Wednesday For our community of Highland
  • Thursday For the nations and leaders of the world
  • Friday For the care of creation
  • Saturday For the Church universal

If we sincerely pray for our neighbor, we express love for them by drawing our eyes to the imperfections of our world.

week 2: traditional

week 1: contemporary

The story of how God has been active in your life is a profound way to witness to others.  Practice writing/sharing your story using these reflection questions.

  • When have you experienced God at work in your life? Perhaps it was at a time before you even knew you needed God.
  • Often we have an experience in our life that prompts a deeper relationship with Christ. What made you decide to follow Jesus?
  • How have you continued to experience God teaching and transforming you? What is God teaching you now?

Sharing your story of witness can be an invitation for others to experience the transforming love of God.